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Product Code Product Name Price
 US7003  RJ12 to RJ12 Lead 6P4C 3.0M
 US7005  RJ12 to RJ12 Lead 6P4C 5.0M
 US7010  RJ12 to RJ12 Lead 6P4C 10.0M
 US7015  RJ12 to RJ12 Lead 6P4C 15.0M
 US7102  RJ12 to RJ12 Lead 6P4C 20cm
 US7103  RJ12 to RJ12 Lead 6P4C 30cm
 T2606  2M RJ12 to RJ12 Lead with 606M Adapter
 T5403  605 to 605 Lead 4 Conductor 3.0M
 T5410  605 to 605 Lead 4 Conductor 10.0M
 T5415  605 to 605 Lead 4 Conductor 15.0M
 US7004  Modular 2 Way Coupler
 US7002  RJ12 to RJ12 Double Adapter 6P4C
 US7000  RJ12 to RJ12 Joiner 6P4C
 T5080  Double Adapter 1x 605 to 2x RJ12/RJ45
 T5070  Double Adapter 1x 605 to 1x RJ12/RJ45 & 1x601
 T5060  Double Adapter 1x 605 to 2x 610
 T4990  610 to RJ12/RJ45 Adapter
 T4980  605 to RJ12/RJ45 Adapter
 PTA878  Travel Adapter with Surge protection
 PT6399  Power Double Adapter

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